Our Facilities

• We aim to help the children explore their full learning potential, with the help and supervision of our qualified caring teachers and staff.

• Thus, we provide a rich, fun and safe environment with excellent resources, fully equipped with the latest appropriate and safe facilities, exciting learning materials, and high quality stimulating toys.

Our Facilities include

Outside Play Area:
• Is spacious and beautifully equipped with outstanding facilities & toys.
• Has a beautifully colored Rubber Mat Based Floor for extra safety.
• Is 100% shaded to protect our children from direct sunlight /rain.
• Secure Colorful Fences separating the different areas.
• Our outside play area to have fun and excitement.

These include

o The main play area (includes different slides, swings, sea-saws, other interesting and fun toys and facilities).
o The Water splash poolwill be arranged frequently in summer days.
Inside Play Areas:
• Our Inside play areas are safe, fun, and filled with high quality toys and educational games for your child or baby to explore, learn and enjoy.
• Our classrooms, inside play area, and baby area are all extra clean, spacious, colorful and fully equipped with the latest facilities and naturally lit.
• The ball pool floor is also rubber based for high safety measurements.
• Our baby area is divided into a safe soft play area, two relaxing, calm and comfortable bedrooms, and changing/wash room.