Safety Measurements

We have taken high standards of safety measurements. These include

An Outdoor play area which is 80% shaded to prevent our children from being overheated or moistened.
A Rubber mat Based Floor covering the outdoor and indoor play areas, and other ball pool for extra safety.

5 Cameras installed in all play areas, classrooms and baby rooms.

High fences separating the different outdoor area.

A safety guard

Using the ground floor only for classes and soft play areas.
Having two emergency exits from different sides of the school building.
An on call experienced Doctors.
Experienced & Qualified teachers and staff.
High teacher to child ratio for extra care.
Safe, high quality and age appropriate furniture, facilities and toys.
Appropriate grouping of kids with respect to age and number of kids
Extra Hygiene measurements where toys and facilities are constantly washed disinfected and kept clean and safe.

Collection of Children

Upon registration, you will find in the Parent’s Information Pack the “Consent Form”.
Kindly fill and sign this form for children will only be released to parents and adults whose names are listed on this Form.

Release to other adults may occur with a written authorization signed and dated by the parent and by direct communication with the Directors.
In this case, Identification may be requested from the new collector and in some cases we might ask about a password or the kid’s birth date.

Suggestions & Comments

We are always happy to assist you if you have any questions or inquiries, and we are also always ready to receive any suggestions or comments.

Kindly send us your thoughts and suggestions through filling our Comment’s Form, and drop it in the Comment’s Box at the reception, and we will get back to you the soonest. You will find this form with the Parent’s Handbook package and at the reception.